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Online counseling for relationship problems. We help you get clarity, save your marriage, do divorce planning, or surviving divorce. Lakeway, Texas. 408-688-7022

Online Counseling, Divorce Coaching & Relationship Help

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Online Counseling, Divorce Coaching & Relationship Help

The Relationship Resolution Center in Lakeway, Texas, offers individual online counseling for relationship problems. We provide the relationship help you need from the comfort of home. 

Our trained, marriage-friendly, professional relationship therapists, and coaches give you the tools to help find the answers and solutions you are searching for. We help you design a roadmap, tailored to your specific situation and guide you toward your goals. 

You don’t need to suffer alone; we are here to help. Below is a summary of the services we offer.

  • Not Happy in My Marriage: Online individual counseling will help you gain clarity to make the right decision whether to stay in your marriage or leave. 

  • My Spouse Wants a Divorce: Online individual counseling is tailored explicitly to help you fight to keep your marriage from ending. Learn critical actions to take.

  • Online Divorce Planning: A one-hour action-packed session gives you a plan of action and information to do before to telling your spouse you want a divorce. Creating a deliberate plan will put you in a stronger position post-divorce. 

  • Divorce Recovery: Online counseling gives you the support, guidance, and the tools you need when dealing with a divorce. 


Relationships can be challenging, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Let our educated staff support and guide you through the process to help avoid making mistakes you’ll regret later on. We are solution-focused, customer-driven, affordable, and take pride in the work we do.  

Privacy and confidentiality are the cornerstones of the Relationship Resolution Center. We take your privacy very seriously. The details discussed within your sessions will remain completely confidential. 

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with one of our relationship therapists at the Relationship Resolution Center. Call (408) 688-7022 today.


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Marriage Help

Online Individual Counseling: Not Happy in My Marriage

Online Individual relationship counseling will help you gain clarity to make the right decision whether to stay in or leave your marriage. This type of short-term counseling is done on an individual basis, rather than with your partner the way it is in couple’s counseling. The goal of relationship counseling is to gain a deeper understanding of what has happened to your marriage. It will help you uncover what is causing your confusion and help you evaluate if your relationship fits your needs. We help you create a plan of action for how to either fix your marriage or, what steps to take to start a trial separation or divorce process.

Online Individual Counseling: How to Save My Marriage (Spouse wants a divorce)

Online Individual relationship counseling is for people who have learned that their spouse wants a divorce, trial separation, or to break up. This kind of counseling is tailored explicitly for spouses who want to fight to keep the marriage from ending. Relationship counseling is done on an individual basis, rather than with your partner, the way it is in couple’s counseling. If your partner is the one who wants to break up or divorce, there are critical things you can do to help save your marriage. Individual relationship counseling will give you tools and powerful techniques to give your relationship a fighting chance and help your spouse to commit to working on the marriage.

Divorce Help

Online Divorce Planning (1 hour)

Online Divorce planning is crucial if you are contemplating divorce, on the brink of divorce, want to know how to leave your husband or wife, or if your spouse wants a divorce. Divorce is a huge step and certainly not something to be taken lightly, considering the emotional and financial ramifications. Getting the right information will put you in a stronger place post-divorce. In a 1-hour appointment, a divorce mediator will help you create a deliberate plan of action before you make any changes in your life. This process enables you to avoid making common mistakes that can hurt you later on.

Online Post Divorce Counseling

Online Divorce Recovery Counseling

Online divorce recovery counseling gives you the support, guidance, and the tools you need when dealing with a breakup and life after the divorce. Divorce and separation can leave you feeling shattered and emotionally confused. This is because divorce is a significant loss. The more changes and adjustments you go through, the more difficult it is to cope emotionally.

It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

What our Client’s Have to Say!

“When my husband left me and my two young children, I was devastated. I think he was having an affair, but I wasn’t sure. That’s when I called the Relationship Resolution Center to see if they could help me save my marriage. Nancy helped me get focused, get my life back in order, and gave me tools to fight for my marriage. Within a month, my husband stopped talking about divorce, wanted to end the trial separation, and was spending a lot more time at home. Finally, I feel hopeful, and it looks like it will save my marriage. I’m going to keep doing more of the same because it’s really working. I appreciate all your help. Thanks!!!”—AW (Service: Individual Counseling for How to Save My Marriage)

“Nancy is AMAZING! I’ve struggled for years whether to leave my husband or not. She is extremely helpful, insightful, and offered incredible information to help me get the clarity I’ve been after. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish I’d called you years ago.”—PQ (Service: Individual Counseling for Not Happy in My Marriage)

“My mother bought me a gift certificate for the Relationship Resolution Center. I was pretty uncomfortable about calling but Nancy was so easy to talk to, and so knowledgeable. After two sessions, I feel so much better. I was devastated when my husband left me for another woman. I recommend Nancy so highly.”— BR (Service: Divorce Recovery Counseling)

“Thoughtful, great insight. Takes the time to listen and offer advice. I look forward to my sessions with her every week.”— KF (Service: Divorce Planning Coaching)

“I was out of hope when I first spoke with Nancy. A month earlier my husband told me he wanted a divorce, packed a bag and went to his brother’s house. I was desperate to save my marriage and learned that I was doing everything wrong. Worse yet, what I was doing was driving him further away from me. Nancy taught me a strategic approach that is working. My husband moved back home a couple of weeks ago and we are in couples counseling now. Nancy’s approach worked. Thank God I found her. She will help you too, I swear!!!!” — AY (Service: Individual Counseling for How to Save My Marriage)

“My wife has been going through a midlife crisis and has been slipping further away from me every day. I demanded that we go to couple’s counseling. Simply put, she said no. I turned to Google for help and found Nancy. We worked together off and on for a few months and I can honestly say, she saved my marriage. Last night my wife thanked me for putting up with her and giving her the space and patience to work through some of her issues. My wife is back to normal and our marriage is thriving again. I can’t thank you Nancy enough for holding my hand and guiding me on such a black road.” —HM (Service: Individual Counseling for Not Happy in My Marriage)